best crm for financial advisors | 2022


best crm for financial advisors | 2022

crm for financial advisors

This article breaks down the benefits of CRM for financial advisors and its key features.

Financial services CRM comparison chart


Best for


Free version

Zoho CRM for Financial Services

Top user experience for financial services CRM


 3 users

Salesforce Financial Services

Best CRM for financial advisors overall



Wealthbox CRM

Top wealth management CRM if you have a budget



Ugru CRM

Great CRM for financial advisors for sales and marketing automation

$59/month/3 users


Junxure (Advisor Engine)

Great finance management CRM for small business




Top wealth management CRM for insurance and investment portfolios




Good finance CRM software that’s easy to learn



Envestnet Tamarac CRM

Best finance management CRM for independent advisors




Great finance CRM for debt and credit management



NexJ Systems

Top financial advisor CRM for medium to large businesses



Customer relationship management (CRM) software is essential to the success of your consulting business. The best CRM for financial advisors helps you organize and store existing client data while generating new leads. You can also run your business more efficiently and save time by automating certain tasks.

How Client Management Software Helps Financial Advisors

Track activity : A CRM software can help you track each interaction. This means the following for contacts across all communication channels: Phone calls, emails, text messages, meetings, and even social media.

Automate tasks: Workflow automation works using AI. Streamline tasks like onboarding new clients, sending email reminders and follow-ups. It is useful for checking quotations and creating invoices. It also helps in the sales process.

Analyze and report: A CRM can help you track and analyze the success rate of your outreach campaigns. Track how new contacts are created and converted to customers. View the progress of each customer case as it moves through the pipeline.

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