how to make money with saas applications| make money online using saas


how to make money with saas applications|  make money online using saas

how to make money with saas applications

So if you want to start a saas that makes 40k a month you have to have a halfway decent idea, notice you don’t have to have a great idea you don’t even have to have an original idea in fact it might be better if you don’t

If you’re starting your first saas you actually want to look at larger already established businesses and see if you can do a smaller part better.


For Example, the intercom is a significant communication saas that specializes in chatting on websites, you’ve probably seen the little chat bubble in the bottom corner of a website before, and the intercom was one of the first to do that. they’re now valued at over a billion dollars and their cheapest plan is like 75 dollars a month. they’ve built up a ton of different features and they have hundreds of various tools, now you might be thinking okay that’s great for them but how do I as a solo entrepreneur even think about trying to compete with them?

Well, the great thing is you don’t have to you only have to beat them on one feature you just have to build out one thing slightly better than what they have. you see as a company grows they sacrifice quantity for the quality they become bloated with tons of other features and add-ons and it can’t create top-notch features for its entire product all at the same time it’s just they just can’t do it and every large company ends up going down this path there are actually now several different small startups that are doing these chat bubble on page type sasses and one that I found recently is called social intents

social intents

and they’re currently doing 40 000 per month and if you compare the two little chat bubbles on the page they look almost exactly the same they’re not as feature rich as intercom they don’t have as many features but they are focusing on a much smaller feature set and they’re making sure that they do it better and cheaper and this company was actually solo founded and run by a guy named James, just a single person. so the key isn’t to just copy other people’s ideas,  it’s to look at already larger established businesses and take one of their core features that may not be very good or is starting to lag in quality is starting to lose its edge and make it better so you’re genuinely making the entire ecosystem better by improving on something that already exists and again at a lower price.  now this gives you two incredibly powerful advantages right off the bat, the first one is a proven market, because the company that you’re looking at already exists and already has customers you know that people are looking for that solution they’re looking for a product that does exactly what you’re looking to build therefore you don’t have to prove this idea to yourself or to anyone else because you already know it’s good and the second one is an obvious sales channel, a way to acquire customers you know where did this company find their first customers or better yet where do their existing potentially upset customers hang out you’d be surprised that a simple direct message to a disgruntled user might land your first customer now these advantages are not to be taken lightly this will help you skip some of the hardest parts of building a saas which is you know coming up with an actual market validated idea and finding a place to acquire your first few customers those are two most difficult things to do when you’re starting a saas, and using this method you know both of those pretty well and all you have to do at this point is just build it.


So the best places that i found to kind of look for existing established saas companies is

growthlist has a b2b sas list and they also have like a weekly startup report that you could subscribe to if you wanted to, but they do have this massive free list of a thousand companies and then also saas mag

saas mag

saas mag has another list this list is 2,000 different companies, so you can go through these lists, i’m sure there’s some overlap here but thousands of other companies that already exist that are already you know bringing in a bunch of money have a bunch of customers and have a core feature set that’s probably actually desirable by people and find something that’s interesting to you and then find a feature of that larger company that you think you could maybe do an implementation that might be slightly better or at a cheaper price point

I like saas mag a little more because they have a six month growth percentage so you can see like how fast some of these companies are growing.

well i hope you enjoyed this article, I hope you found it very helpful.

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